Revenge porn on the rise: Legal recourse in South Africa

Introduction In the digital era we find ourselves in – with the web, social media, smartphones and the ‘screenshot’ – it has become much easier for people to engage in a phenomenon known as ‘revenge porn’. This term is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “sexually explicit images of a person posted online without that […]

My neighbour’s noise is a nuisance

So it’s the third night this week you can’t sleep because your new neighbour seems to enjoy playing loud rock music with his band late at night. Normally you wouldn’t mind. However, being kept up till 2am every morning is affecting your productivity at work. You talk with your neighbour, but he doesn’t seem to […]

Arbitration: What you should know

Arbitration: What you should know If two parties have a dispute and conciliation fails, you may request to resolve the dispute by arbitration. At an arbitration hearing, a commissioner gives both parties an opportunity to fully state their cases. The commissioner then decides on the issue in dispute. The decision, called the arbitration award, is legally binding […]

When does prescription of a debt start?

When does prescription of a debt start? Debt does not last forever, after a period of time it prescribes and becomes invalid. Prescribed debt can be explained as old debt that has not been acknowledged over a period of three years. This means that a debt prescribes if: You have not acknowledged the debt in […]